A good example is rossi, blake, timmerman, tonks, and wermers, journal of financial economics 2018.

Posted: November 5th, 2022

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The final paper you submit should be par standard to the first publish of a scholarly manuscript. Just imagine you are submitting the paper to a reputed journal for consideration for publication. It should clearly define the problem you intend to address, discuss your proposed solution, and how it improves our current understanding of the subject. It should also discuss the major contributions of your work, the data and methodology you used, and detailed experimental results and discussion. In the final paper, you should be able to reuse a lot of the material from your proposal. For general organizational guidelines for your paper, you should follow the published scholarly papers we discussed in class. A good example is Rossi, Blake, Timmerman, Tonks, and Wermers, Journal of Financial Economics 2018. To give you a better idea, the final paper organization should include the followings:
Literature Review (you can combine them with an introduction too)
Data and Methodology (can be two separate sections too)
Result and Discussion (you can divide them into multiple sections or subsections based on the type of result you are reporting)
Appendix (if any)
In addition to the final paper, you are also required to upload your codes to your GitHub page and submit the link.
Writing Instructions:
All of the writing you submit, i.e., proposal, progress report, and final paper, should follow American Psychological Association (APA)Links to an external site. style and grammar guidelines. You can follow this link Links to an external site.to get detailed instructions on the APA style. You can refer to a sample paper Here.

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