(also includes answer the questions on the retail channel audit instruction pdf)

Posted: November 10th, 2022

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Complete Retail Channel Audit Individually:
Shop for coffee (or tea) (or water) (or any drink that you like)
Pick one specific product to shop for and shop for this same product at two different retail outlets (example: 1 from a vending machine and 1 from Walmart); do not vary the product across the two retail outlets.
Complete the Retail Channel Audit Assignment Worksheet; see attachments.
Step 1: Review Retail Channel Audit Instruction
Step 2: Download the Retail Channel Audit Worksheet. Note links are built into the templates; please don’t change the format of the templates.
Step 3: Conduct your audit and complete your worksheet. (also includes answer the questions on the Retail Channel Audit Instruction pdf)
Once you’ve decided which drinks to explore in which two channels, please contact me with a message~

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