An explanation of your understanding of an ethical theory used to construct your ethical argument

Posted: September 12th, 2022

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 Please approach this assignment with creativity, but this formal paper should include the following elements:

An introduction paragraph should have a hook to catch the reader’s attention, any relevant background information that the reader needs to know and conclude with a thesis statement that presents the main purpose of the paper.
For this paper, the thesis statement will be the central position you will be arguing.

Recognition of why the chosen topic is an ethical dilemma.

An ethical dilemma occurs when all solutions to a problem are not acceptable from an ethical perspective.

A self-assessment of your personal core beliefs.

Core beliefs are the ideas that people hold as important such as honesty, faithfulness, effort, perseverance, patience, education, responsibility, commitment, and fairness, among others. These ideas are the basis for behavior, communication, and interaction with others.  They shape one’s interpretation and analysis of ethical issues.

An explanation of your understanding of an ethical theory used to construct your ethical argument

Ethical theories provide the foundation for ethical decision-making. Every ethical theory emphasizes a different decision-making style. To understand ethical decision making, it is important to realize that not everyone makes decisions in the same way, using the same information, employing the same decision rules.

An application of ethical perspectives/concepts.

Describe how the ethical theory being used to construct your argument provides the best decision-making guidance for this situation. Make sure to consider all implications.

An evaluation of different ethical perspectives/concepts.

Evaluate how the use of a different ethical theory, or different ethical perspective, might impact the decision-making process related to this topic.


The conclusion paragraph should restate your thesis, summarize the key supporting ideas, and offer your final thought(s).


Make sure each reference in the list has a corresponding in-text citation and vice versa.

Sometimes Blackboard can distort the spacing within Word documents. You might want to consider saving the document in pdf format and uploading the pdf into the assignment submission portal.Make sure to review the grading rubric for detailed information before beginning this assignment. This paper will be evaluated using Safe Assign anti-plagiarism software. Lastly, please make sure to spellcheck the paper and apply APA style formatting, including a cover page. If you did not purchase the APA book listed on the course syllabus, please see the APA website for a template of how to write a student paper. 

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