Analysis of Financial Processes and Operations

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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Analysis of Financial Processes and Operations: Critically and clearly analyze three or more district/school system areas or programs, projecting how these might be problematic in the future if not addressed. Include justification to identify current areas or programs as strategic and tactical challenges for the district/school system, not merely as symptoms or superficial challenges. (between 250 – 500 words for this section) Tactical Challenges: Challenges are prioritized, resulting in proposed operational policies and procedures that offer a sustainable solution. (100-250 word count for this section) Prioritized Challenges Resulting in Operational Policies and Procedures : Aspects of the following ISLLC Standards are met throughout the assignment: • Use collaboration strategies to collect, analyze, and interpret district, school, student, faculty, and community information; • Communicate information about the school within the community. (200-300 words)

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