Analyze the case study about Lean Cuisine

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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For this assignment, there are two parts you are tasked with: First, analyze the case study about Lean Cuisine, included in Ch.6 of MMW’ book (p. 156-157 & 181) ( on the attachment), and watch this video from the campaign: Real People ( you will be asked to summarize the planning steps, and reflect on how research informed the planning steps and campaign development, in light of the concepts you have learned in class. ( all the materials are on the attachment).
Second, you will be asked to do some research on Lean cuisine, as it currently stands, in light of a new line of products the brand is introducing. You would need to read about this new line of low-carb varieties from this press release (, and this post ( You will then be asked to do a little research into who would be the potential customers for these varieties, and what would make the product more appealing to them in comparison to other competing brands.
Then finally, try to answer them to the best of your ability ( on the attachments). You are expected to provide succinct, yet insightful answers. Please read them carefully, and pay attention to the terminology being used.

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