Antioxidant testing in raw pet foods.

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Potential topic- antioxidant testing in raw pet foods. Working Thesis- antioxidant levels will be higher in raw pet foods when compared to processed pet foods. The brief for this assessment is that you are tasked with developing a research proposal (1500 words) for a species and animal nutrition topic of your choice. Aims: The aims of this task are to: • Enhance your information retrieval skills • Develop your ability to critically evaluate scientific literature, including with respect to ethical considerations of the study • Improve your ability to convey knowledge to others in a concise and scientific manner • Enhance your appreciation of how scientific research is conducted • Expand your knowledge on a selected area of research interest Intended Learning Outcomes: • demonstrate an ability to critically review scientific resources • formulate a concise and meaningful research proposal related to animal nutrition, using appropriate study designs and proposed analyses Additional Information: Your research proposal should be no longer than 1500 words in length and can be structured along the following: • Title • Background/Rationale o Very brief literature review to set the scene for the proposal, why is this important, what might the impact be of this work, what work has led to this etc • Research Question(s) o Essentially akin to aims/objectives • Methodology and Plan of Work o How you will conduct the study, how many animals, experimental design, what laboratory or animal work will be conducted, ethical considerations (what ethical approvals would be required), timeframe of elements of the study, what statistical analyses would be performed etc • References (no min/max required; no declared preferred citation style though typically I use APA)

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