Are these consistent with the priorities set for by the Institutes of Medicine (IOM)?

Posted: September 23rd, 2022

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Students will evaluate the six National Quality Strategy priorities and how they complement the idea of quality and quality measurement in each of the healthcare environments/settings.
Assignment: National Quality Strategy Priorities Evaluation
Unit Outcomes addressed in this assignment:
Evaluate the quality indicators that are found in the various settings in health care, as well as those outlined by the applicable governing bodies.
Identify national priorities relative to improving healthcare quality.
Course Outcome addressed in this assignment:
HA540-1: Evaluate quality and quality management in multiple health care settings using various tools and measures.
Assignment: The National Quality Strategy (NQS), led by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), outlines three main aims to improve healthcare quality. They focus on six priorities and nine levers that will advance these three aims in the following settings:
Post-Acute Care (LTC, Rehabilitation, or SNF)
Ambulatory Care (Primary Care or Urgent Care)
Behavioral Health (Rehabilitation, Outpatient, Inpatient, Residential, or School Programs)
You will need to write a 2–3 page paper (not including cover or references) that addresses the following:
How do the priorities support quality in each of the settings discussed and how can the nine levers be used to accomplish these goals?
How can quality management be strategically developed to measure these priorities?
How do Healthy People 2020 & 2030 support these priorities?
Are these consistent with the priorities set for by the Institutes of Medicine (IOM)?
Why are these national strategies important for quality professionals to understand?
Support your responses with a minimum of three academic sources and citations. Make sure your paper is properly formatted with an introduction, body of discussion with level headings, and a reference page in proper APA 7th edition format.
Submit your paper to the Unit 2 Assignment Dropbox.

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