Are you interested in opening a business in Israel?

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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The essay topic is: Are you interested in opening a business in Israel?
Entrepreneur, here is the information you need to know before investing.
Please note that others will use the essay as part of their entrepreneurial decision-making process. Therefore, please provide information accordingly.
The purpose of this paper is to assess entrepreneurial conditions in Israel. My passion is assisting people, and my entrepreneur service is Skype Online Life Coaching.
By exploring the “Doing Business Project” launched in 2002 by the World Bank, available at, we were asked to look at domestic small and medium-sized companies and measure the regulations applying to them through their life cycle. I decided that I would want to invest in my country, Israel.
Israel and United States economic profiles are attached.
The paper needs to be structured in a logical format with an introduction and conclusion; in the body of the paper, the following questions need to be answered:
In the body of the essay, please comment on the easiness of:
1. Starting a Business
2. Dealing with Construction Permits
3. Getting Electricity
4. Registering Property
5. Getting Credit
6. Protecting Investors
7. Paying Taxes
8. Trading Across Borders
9. Enforcing Contracts
10. Resolving Insolvency
The purpose is to provide an accurate picture of what to expect when one is about to invest in the country that I chose, Israel.
Concentrate on how the information is relevant, and compare it to at least one other country, the United States.
Important note: We were instructed to investigate two to three additional economics from the “Doing Business Project” drop-down menus for this activity. My second area of interest is investing in the United States since I already have an extensive network.
When encountering data indicating problems, provide at least one suggestion on what to do to overcome this particular problem.
The paper should also address what to do means what would. What to do means what you would do based on your information and knowledge; it also indicates your advice to other entrepreneurs. Do additional research, if necessary.
This paper was intended for anyone interested in investing in the same country like mine, Israel. However, suppose I am unable to attract even one investor. In that case, I will need to include 200 words explaining why and indicating what I may do in the future to become a more compelling entrepreneur.
Length: a minimum of 500 words. Add 200 words to the total of 700 because I could not attract even one peer-investor.

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