Assignment Content This week’s assignment is designed to help you identify all t

Posted: January 27th, 2023

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Assignment Content
This week’s assignment is designed to help you identify all the major foundational components you will need to design and plan your project.
Task 1: Current Situation AssessmentThe beginning steps for the development of an informatics practicum project are to identify an existing issue or problem, define the current situation, and identify relevant components affecting or influencing the problem.
Complete the Current Situation Assessment worksheet.
Based on your answers from the worksheet, write a 350-word summary of the assessment.
Task 2: Stakeholder AnalysisThroughout this course, we will be using tools created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) designed to help facilitate the successful completion of quality improvement initiatives. The Stakeholder Analysis Tool is the first of these tools.
Complete the Stakeholder Analysis Tool for your project by following the instructions on the tool.
Task 3: Literature ReviewComplete the selected readings from the University Library.
If you have not done so already, you can also review the following tutorials from the University Library:
Create a Literature Review
Develop a Search Strategy
Evaluate Sources
Locate Peer-Reviewed / Scholarly Materials
Ask Us! & FAQs
Conduct a literature review pertaining to your project focus identified in your Current Situation Assessment.
Select and review 15 academic, peer-reviewed sources. Sources should be no more than 5 years old.
Create a 5-page narrative literature synthesis incorporating the 15 articles reviewed, including a discussion of these topics:
Evidence-based best practices
Quality indicators
A means for validating assumptions
Successful interventions
Include a reference page with all 15 sources (the reference page does not count as one of the required 5 pages). See the Literature Review Example.
Format your literature review synthesis and reference page according to APA guidelines.
Task 4: Practicum Proposal TemplateThis template is designed to assist you in creating your Practicum Project Proposal paper, which is due in Week 5. As you complete the assignments each week, you will add information to the corresponding sections of the template. You will turn the template in each week along with your weekly assignment. Your instructor will provide you with feedback on the template that you will need to incorporate into the template prior to turning it in again the following week. You will be given points for submitting the template and for completing the required sections, but you will not be graded on the quality of its content until the final draft is completed in Week 5.
Download the Practicum Proposal Template.
Complete the following sections:
Title Page
Literature Review/Synthesis
Note: Do not add anything as an appendix yet. You will begin adding those next week after incorporating feedback from your instructor.
Assignment DeliverableYour assignment deliverable will consist of the following components:
Current Situation Assessment worksheet
350-word summary of the worksheet
Stakeholder Analysis worksheet
5-page literature review synthesis
Practicum Proposal Template

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