Assignment Instructions: This assignment has three parts. First, you will interv

Posted: January 24th, 2023

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Assignment Instructions: This assignment has three parts. First, you will interview a pharmacist in your local retail pharmacy or the pharmacist at the facility where you currently work. Address the specific topics by using the list of questions below. You must include the answers to the questions in Part I: The Interview Transcript (below). Next, you will integrate the findings from the literature related to the type of technology used by the pharmacist. Last, you will provide a summary of what you learned as a result of doing this assignment. The final paper should be broken down into the following three parts (I, II, and III): Part I: The Interview Transcript Interview the pharmacist using the questions Please provide a transcript of the interview in this part. What type of technology (technologies) does your pharmacy utilize? How does the technology you use enhance internal and external communications between pharmacists, technicians, physicians, advanced medical care providers, and nurses? Describe the process from the time the pharmacy receives an order to the time the medication is dispensed? What are some of the processes or policies that are implemented to ensure patient safety? What challenges, related to the use of technology and electronic information, have you experienced? What solutions have you implemented, or changes have you made in your practice to address these challenges? How has informatics helped and/or hindered patient education and awareness? Part II: Integrate the Findings from the Literature Perform research on the type of technology (the type of platform used, equipment used to document, or applications used, etc.). Select two academic articles to support your discussion for Part III: Summarize What You Have Learned Part III: SUMMARY (3-4 paragraphs): Elaborate as to what you learned about the specific type of technology utilized by the pharmacist; explain its uses and functions, pros and cons, etc. Summarize what you’ve learned by explaining both the positive aspects and negative aspects of the technology used by the pharmacist you interviewed.

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