Assignment questions: (marks 15)

Posted: November 9th, 2022

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Assignment Questions: (Marks 15)
Read the above case study and answer the following Questions: Question 1: Explain the decision-making approach discussed in this case study (250-300 words) (3-Marks). Question 2: Why supplier selection is a typical multi-criteria decision-making process involving subjectivity and vagueness? (250-300 words) (3-Marks).
Question 3: Discuss the Sustainable supplier selection that is required for manufacturing companies. (250-300 words) (3-Marks). Question 4: Why Supplier selection decisions are important for most of the manufacturing firms? (250-300 words) (3-Marks). Question 5: What is your opinion about this study and how it is connected to course and beneficial for you? (250-300 words) (3-Marks).

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