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Posted: November 4th, 2022

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Lab report guidelines Your lab report should be written in 12 point font, double spaced. The report should be written using full sentences and paragraphs, not bulleted lists of information. It should be approximately 2-4 pages in length including the dose-response graph and data table in the results section. Your lab report should have all the following sections. Please include all the information outlined in each section. You also need to include a section heading in bold for each section in your lab report (Intro, Methods, Results and Discussion) Introduction The introduction establishes the purpose of the report. A well written introduction should answer the questions, why are we doing this research and what do we hope to find out? You also need to include your hypotheses in this section. Methods The methods section should be a straightforward description of what you did in your experiment. This includes describing the materials you used and how you used them. Based on your methodology section, the reader should be able to repl icate your experiment. Results The results are a summary of your observations. You need to report on all your results, do not leave anything out. Include a data table reporting on your results and a dose response graph. Avoid discussing what your results may mean in this section. That information belongs in the discussion/conclusions section. Discussion and Conclusions Based on your results, did your outcomes support your original hypothesis? Keep in mind that science never truly proves anything; it contributes to a growing body of evidence about the way our world works. If your research does not appear to support your hypothesis, be truthful about that. Remember that in science we learn as much from failures as we do from successes. Assignment submission: Your lab report should be submitted as either a Word document or pdf file. The lab report should be 2-
4 pages in length, typed, using the section format outlined under the lab report guidelines above (make sure you have every section, with section headers and all the required information listed in each section).

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