Assignment: Using all the writing skills you have learned, write 600-700 words o

Posted: January 10th, 2023

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Using all the writing skills you have learned, write 600-700 words of reflection on your experience with the Writing Express course. This essay should present your own experience in first person. As a way of organizing, you might think back to your expectations prior to beginning the Writing Express course; examine the process of working through each unit and the efficacy of each; consider the outcomes versus the expectations; offer a plan for utilizing the work of the Writing Express in future writing. Your work will be evaluated on your writing skills rather than the content, so consider the entire experience and be candid in your response. Your feedback is important to us as we continuously work to improve the Writing Express course.
Evaluation of Assignment:
Your assignment will be evaluated on your general writing ability considering all of the components of writing that we have covered over the past six units. There is no need to include outside sources, though you are welcome to do so.
about me:
I will be starting my Acute care Nurse Practitioner and just finished this pre immersion course called Writing express, instructor wants a reflective essay on the course. Last essay i wrote was about CNOs impact on nurses daily duties. This class was to prepare for the begining of my masters program and to prepare for APA writing and research.
Details about the course structure are below:
The Writing Express course will focus on the requirements of academic writing. Each of the following units is designed to prepare you for graduate school. The instruction you find here, the assignments you complete, and the feedback you receive from your instructor will help to prepare you for graduate-level writing. Here is what you will be covering:
Unit 1
Serves as an introduction to the Writing Express component and includes your introduction discussion board. as well as important links and documents that will help you prepare your writing assignments. Once you have familiarized yourself with this introduction/unit, you should move to Unit 2.
Unit 2
Covers information about audience expectations, with an emphasis on what an academic audience in general and a scientific audience specifically expect from the papers they read. At the end of the unit, you will take a short quiz and complete a professional biography.
Unit 3
Will focus on graduate-level scholarship and research. It will introduce you to the resources available at the University of Miami’s Richter Library. At the end of this unit, you will submit an annotated bibliography and complete group discussion question(s).
Unit 4
Will focus on how to include scholarship and research in your writing and how to use APA format. At the end of this unit, you will incorporate your scholarship focus from Unit 3 into your own writing, following APA style guidelines and complete group discussion question(s).
Unit 5
Will discuss scholarship focus statements, paragraph development, and transitions. At the end of the unit, you will develop a rough draft of your essay and complete group discussion question(s).
Unit 6
Is the culmination of the Writing Express course. Here, you will revise your essay based on what you have learned in the course, you will integrate your scholarship and research material into your overall paper, and you will address your instructor’s comments. Your instructor will then provide a final grade for the assignment. In this unit, you will also complete the group discussion question(s).
Unit 7
Includes a reflective essay about the course.
Unit 8
Includes a course evaluation and an instructor evaluation.

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