Attention Please I will need two different folder, The Transcript and the paper

Posted: December 10th, 2022

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Attention Please I will need two different folder, The Transcript and the paper
Identify someone from a different faith practice and ask if you can interview him/her for this class assignment. If you are a Christian, find someone who is not. Your interviewee could be Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, atheist, etc. Interviewing someone of a different denomination within Christianity does not count, unless that person is a nominal Christian who does not practice the Christian faith. If you are not a Christian, interview someone who is.
Interview the individual using the Question Bank provided in this Content Module as a basis for the content to be discussed. A written transcript of the interview is required, as well as a 5- to 7-page typed paper that synthesizes the material with DCM concepts.
Students are expected to include content from the interview (views of the individual interviewed), DCM material, and specific textual AND biblical reference to the topics covered in the interview.
Submit both the transcript and the paper in the Assignment link. Continue reading for more detailed instructions.
The purpose of this project is to gain an understanding of a different worldview and its impact on things such as cultural engagement, liberal arts education, and one’s life commitments (work, finances, family, etc.). Most people are happy to share their beliefs and values if they know they will be heard and not coerced into believing something different. You could say, “I’m in a class about how worldview affects one’s choices. Could I interview you to learn about what you believe and our values and how they shape your decisions and actions?”
It is an opportunity for you to encounter a different belief system and explore the importance of love and truth as your worldview intersects another’s.
The purpose of this assignment is NOT to practice sharing your belief system or debate with the interviewee. Be a learner. Seek to understand the other person and her belief system and life commitments; then compare and contrast them with your own.
First, if you are interviewing someone who is not familiar to you, introduce yourself. Tell him about your interests, family, education, work experience, etc. Try to build some common ground around a shared interest. If you already know this person, you can skip this step. Your conversation should be face-to-face (in person, over Zoom, etc.), and it is strongly suggested that you record the conversation to assist in typing up the transcript. Remember to get permission prior to recording your interview. It is unethical to record a conversation without making all participants aware of the recording.Second, ask some of the questions from the Question Bank regarding worldview and its impact on politics, social issues, cultural engagement, educational commitments, and life commitments such as work and family. Do not direct your questions too rapidly at the interviewee without regard for his opinion or what he has just said. Be willing to adjust the way you phrase questions such that you are still gathering the content required by the assignment but not disregarding the flow of the conversation.Third, type up the interview transcript (or use dictation software) to consult as you write your paper.Fourth, write a 5- to 7-page paper to express your findings. Your paper is to be typed, double spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman font. Pay attention to spelling and grammar, organization, and syntax. Use the following as guidance for the structure of your paper.Title page (APA format).
Introduction—Describe the purpose of this project and include the name of the person you interviewed along with how you know the person. Establish how her worldview is different from yours.
Worldview Description—Reflect on the answers given regarding worldview and belief questions. In what ways do you agree with the interviewee’s worldview? In what ways do you disagree? Compare and contrast your worldview with the one presented by your interviewee. Remember to provide specific material from the interview, from DCM texts, and Scripture. DO NOT list the questions and answers in this paper! You have a separate transcript for that. Weave the answers into your essay.
Implications of Worldview on Life—Reflect on the answers given from each of these areas: (1) social/cultural, (2) family/work, and (3) education. Do you see ways in which the person’s worldview influences her views of life goals and decisions? Do you agree/disagree with the answers given to these questions? Do you see how your worldview might lead you to set different goals or make different decisions? If you find that you have different worldview commitments but similar life goals, why do you think that is? Again, remember to reference specific material from the interview, from DCM texts, and from Scripture. Remember that worldview determines behavior, so demonstrate how these differing worldviews do that.
Conclusion—What about this assignment surprised you or challenged you? Do you have any significant insights after engaging with your interviewee?
Reference list (APA format).
Question Bank:
Use these questions to conduct your interview naturally. You do not have to ask each one but choose enough so that you can thoroughly determine the interviewee’s worldview and how it differs from your own. Choose questions from each area.Remember to ask for permission before recording the interview.Type up a transcript of the interview and submit it with your paper.Worldview/Belief QuestionsHave you heard the term worldview before? What does that term mean to you? Would you say you have a worldview? What are some key elements of your worldview?
What do you think is your most firmly held belief? The thing that really makes you who you are?
Do you have core values? What are they?
Have you ever been in a situation or conversation where you felt your core values were threatened? How did you feel? How did you respond?
How do you know what you believe is true?
Would you describe yourself as religious? As spiritual? Is there a difference?
Is it important for you to associate regularly with people who share your same religious commitments? Why or why not?
Do you believe in evil? Do you believe in sin? Where does it come from and how should individuals and societies get rid of it?
When life is particularly challenging or sad, what lifts your spirit? What gives you inner strength?
Social/Cultural QuestionsWhat do you see as the greatest problem in society today?
Do you think there is a way to address that problem? What would you suggest?
What is your role in making society a better place to live?
Do you think individuals are responsible for their “neighbors”?
What do you think society has gotten most right in the last five years?
What brought that about?
Family and Work QuestionsWhat makes a family?
Is the family an important part of a healthy society? Explain your answer.
Do you want to have a family one day? Why or why not?
What is your dream job?
Why? What about that job gets you excited?
Do you view your income as belonging only to you?
Do you make spending choices based on your wants/needs alone? Why or why not?
Would you consider your work to be part of the common good for society? Why or why not?
Education QuestionsWhat does it mean to be educated?
If you lack knowledge in a given area, how do you acquire knowledge?
Do you think connecting on social media is an important part of acquiring knowledge and learning?
What is the point of going to college?
Are reading and curiosity an important part of learning? Why or why not?
What kinds of habits do you think are important for people who are truly educated?
Do you have certain habits that have helped you be more knowledgeable in your life?
Are there certain habits you wish you could develop?
Do you think people can learn just as well by using the web, or is person-to-person interaction an important part of learning?
If you could get your dream job without ever going to college, would you do it?
Grading Rubric:
CriteriaPossible Points
Typed transcript was provided with title page and reference page.10
Paper was well-organized and was without grammatical or spelling errors.10
Introduction and Conclusion met the criteria specified in the instructions for these sections.20
Worldview/Belief questions were used by the student to meaningfully discuss the interviewee’s worldview and how this compares/contrasts with DCM material and the student’s own worldview.20
Social/Cultural questions were used by the student to meaningfully discuss the interviewee’s responses to the social/cultural questions and how these compare/contrast with DCM material and the student’s own views.20
Family/Work questions were used by the student to meaningfully discuss the interviewee’s responses to the family/work questions and how these compare/contrast with DCM material and the student’s own views.20
Education questions were used by the student to meaningfully discuss the interviewee’s responses to the education questions and how these compare/contrast with DCM material and the student’s own views.20
The student used specific DCM concepts as well as scriptural support. Quotations and verses were properly cited and referenced.10
Before you submit your paper, have you done these things?Did you interview someone with a different faith commitment? If you are a Christian, you cannot interview another Christian.
Did you write at least 5 pages?
Did you include a title page and a reference page? (These are not included in your page count.)
Did you weave DCM concepts from your textbooks and lectures (with citations) into the body of your paper?
Did you quote and cite scripture?
Did you include a typed transcript?
Did you check for spelling and grammatical errors?
Did you write an introduction and conclusion?
Did you compare AND contrast your interviewee’s beliefs with the biblical worldview? This is not just a summary of what the interviewee believes—your worldview must be stated, too.
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