“ATTRIBUTES OF A COUNSELOR” In chapter 1 Kottler & Shephard (2015) present a com

Posted: January 13th, 2023

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In chapter 1 Kottler & Shephard (2015) present a compiled list of personality characteristics.Self-confidence, high energy level, sense of humor, neutrality, flexibility, emotional stability, experience in risk taking, analytic thinking, creativity, enthusiasm, honesty, and compassion all make the list.These traits are said to be necessary in order for a counselor to work at his or her optimum performance and with a “healthy self” (pp. 22). Carefully review this list.
What attributes of the self do you think are most important to success in the counseling relationship?
What do you consider to be your own strong suits and personal qualities that equip you to counsel effectively?
What do you consider to be your weaknesses and what could you do to strengthen those? Remember to include a reference to an article that supports your response or adds to the discussion
Responded to two peers
peer 1 Iahloni ClingmanCOLLAPSEI think the most important attributes of the self to have in order to have success in a counseling career are theraputic rapport, communication and listening skills, empathy, and openess. “Therapeutic rapport leaves each patient feeling safe and respected. This is essential since the therapeutic process requires clients to share their innermost thoughts, fears and concerns with their counselor.” (Grand Canyon University, 2021). I believe this to be one of the most important skills to acquire when developing a relationship with your client because it allows them to be vulnerable with you. This vulnerability can help the client discuss deeper issues they may not otherwise feel comfortable discussing if therapeutic rapport isn’t part of the relationship. Communication is essential because it allows you to communicate with your patient in a proper and appropriate manner. Listening skills are also essential because they help you be in the moment with the patient or client and really hear what they have to say. It can also help you pick up on underlying issues that may not have been brought up yet. Empathy is very important because it can help you be open-minded and share the emotions or experiences your client is discussing with you. Lastly, openness or having an open mind is important because it shows the client that you are open to hearing what they have to say, even if your values or opinions differ from theirs. It shows that you will not judge them.Some attributes I have that I feel make me qualified to be successful in counseling are having an open mind, good listening skills, empathy, compassion, and my life experiences. I think some of the attributes that I would need to work on is my self-awareness. I think it is important to know when a patient relationship may be to much for you to handle or possibly unhealthy for the both of you. Being that I sometimes take on other people’s situations that trigger my own issues, I need to work on being more aware that a relationship will be too much for me because then I can’t help that individual properly. I also think I need to work on my creativity. I think it can be very helpful to come up with creative practices that can aid your patient’s progress. I struggle with this, and it is something I definitely need to work on.Word Count: 397Refrence: Grand Canyon University. (2021, June 3). What are the qualities of a good Mental Health counselor?. Psychology & Counseling. https://www.gcu.edu/blog/psychology-counseling/what-are-qualities-good-mental-health-counselor
Peer 2 From the list of attributes stated, the most important to succeed in a counseling relationship include emotional stability, a sense of humor, enthusiasm, compassion, creativity, and analytical thinking. Because emotional stability will make the counselor better equipped to handle people with different personalities, such as abusive and arrogant people, it is an important attribute to possess (Linley & Joseph, 2004). A good sense of humor will help the counselor make difficult situations appear funny and easier to cope with, while enthusiasm will drive a counselor to enjoy talking to and counseling the patient. On the other hand, creativity and analytical thinking will allow the counselor to understand the person’s state and determine the best approach to solve the issue (Linley & Joseph, 2004). Counseling effectively requires one to be self-confident and have high energy levels, making it possible to face the situation with courage and handle it with all the vigor the patient deserves. My attributes will make it possible to cool down the person and make them understand the importance of counseling (Linley & Joseph, 2004). Unfortunately, there are instances when the person to be counseled becomes rebellious and even arrogant. My weakness is a lack of emotional stability, although I am becoming more grounded as I age. I sometimes find it difficult to control my emotions when a person becomes angry or rebellious. However, counseling and therapy have given me the tools to better control my emotions. I am beginning to learn that most of the time, a person’s actions have little to do with me. As a counselor, I could learn and grow to become better emotionally equipped by seeking guidance from more experienced counselors to teach me how to handle such situations. Additionally, I could attend additional courses and seminars to gain a better understanding.W.C. 315ReferencesLinley, P. A., & Joseph, S. (2004). Positive psychology in practice. John Wiley & Sons.

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