Bacterial Isolation This week you will be completing the Bacterial Isolation lab

Posted: January 3rd, 2023

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Bacterial Isolation
This week you will be completing the Bacterial Isolation lab in Labster. This lab has three parts. Your goal is to identify the bacteria causing an infection, trace its origin, and verify the strains. It may be beneficial to complete the sections of the lab report or presentation as you go through the lab. Review the Theory sections to support your report. When you are done, please submit an APA-formatted report or presentation as outlined below.
Part 1: Identify the bacteria
Introduction: Introduce the problem observed in the hospitalized boy. Conclude with a hypothesis about what could be causing the problem.
Methods: Describe how you analyzed the sample from the hospital. Include details on how the agar plate can be created to promote or inhibit growth in certain bacteria, and what was used in your Salmonella Shigella agar plates here.
Results/Data: Describe your results here. What did you find when you viewed the Salmonella Shigellaagar plates? How did you identify the bacteria?
Discussion: Review your results and determine if your experiment supports or refutes your hypothesis. Explain how you identified this as an antibiotic-resistant bacteria and how the boy was treated following diagnosis.
Part 2: Trace the origin of the bacteria
Introduction: Provide background on what led to infection in the boy. Create a hypothesis regarding the cause of infection that can be tested.
Methods: Describe how you gathered and analyzed samples, including the kind of agar plate used and why you needed to streak the samples.
Results/Data: Describe the streaking results here, including how you can identify the different bacteria present.
Discussion: Review your results in relation to your hypothesis and what needs to be done now.
Part 3: Isolating bacteria
Introduction: Introduce the need for a comparative analysis to verify the origin of the bacteria.
Methods: Describe how you isolated a bacterial colony from the sample.
Results/Data: Did you successfully isolate the bacteria?
Discussion: What are the next steps after isolation? How will the results be used?
If you are writing the report, it should be 3-4 pages long, not including the required title and references pages. If you are creating a presentation, it should be at least 8 slides long, not including the required title and references slides.
Follow APA formatting. You can find APA sources in the CSU Global Writing Center.
Your full lab grade will appear within the Part 2 Lab Report grade.

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