Barriers affecting Communication and Decision-Making Essay

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Barriers affecting Communication and Decision-Making Essay Instructions
In this essay, students will research and develop an understanding of the barriers that exist when important organizational decisions need to be made. The essay will examine levels of commitment, personal bias, conflict, and breakdown in communication. We bring a lot of psychological baggage to the decision-making table. We tend to allow politically induced emotions to shape decisions. We allow our egos to dictate directions. We may respond impatiently, overreact or procrastinate. Communicating organizational change and gaining understanding and commitment to a new direction is never an easy task, regardless of the size of the organization. However, the decision process to embrace change must be constantly and effectively communicated to create a shared sense of a desirable future, which helps motivate and coordinate the transformation effort. This essay will allow each student to examine the barriers through some personal perspective and incorporate scholarly research elements that expand on these barriers with offered solutions.
You should spend approximately 4 hours on this assignment.
Review Chapter 6.4. As you prepare your essay, ask this fundamental question: What communication barriers exist that make effective decision-making difficult? Also, think about barriers from your perspective or from others that have negatively impacted decision-making.
The assignment will be written using either APA or MLA format.
The essay will be 2-3 pages, the writing needs to include a reference or works cited page (depending on whether you use MLA or APA). These pages are not included in the 2-3 pages.
The writing should include 2-3 additional scholarly sources outside of the course reading materials and must support your perspectives on barriers and effective decision-making.
Submit into the Assignment folder by the due date.

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