Basically … this final paper puts it all together … the thesis, developing a

Posted: November 30th, 2022

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Basically … this final paper puts it all together … the thesis, developing argument, using multiple primary and secondary sources, analyzing evidence, connecting evidence with context … this final essay does it all 🙂
Step 1:Identify and select 2 magazine advertisements to compare and contrast. You can find them in magazines, or you can use the internet to find them. But, they need to be magazine advertisements (they can’t be internet ads).
Use the “Selecting Ads Worksheet” to identify and select your advertisements.
Step 2:Identify and select 3 outside (secondary) sources. Use Google to find a couple additional articles or essays that relate to the theme of the comparison.
It’s okay to find all of your secondary sources online. However, I need to approve your secondary sources before you move forward.
Step 3:Analyze your advertisements. You should analyze both the written rhetoric (the words) and the visual rhetoric (the images).
Your analysis should focus on a theme, or perspective, that you can use to compare and contrast the advertisements.
Use the “analyzing advertisements worksheet” to help you develop your evidence and analysis.
Step 4:Write an essay where you compare and contrast the magazine advertisements. Connect your analysis with a larger context of the advertisements, and use secondary sources to support your argument.
Assignment Objectives and Requirements:Your essay will develop a visual analysis of the advertisements, and expand and reconsider the themes of the advertisements using the essay and outside sources; you should incorporate all these multiple sources and texts by using textual analysis and close reading that you have practiced all semester.
You should develop a complex, arguable thesis. Your thesis should addresses both advertisements and how they appeal to audiences.
You need to find and incorporate 3 additional outside sources. These sources can address issues in either the advertisements. Your outside sources must be published, credible sources. They cannot be websites or blogs.
The final publish should be a minimum of 5 pages. It should include images of the advertisements. And it should conform to proper MLA format, including the works cited page. You will be marked down if you don’t follow MLA format.
Same audience different products (same magazine)
Health Magazine
Personal care product vs Health product
Olay body lotion (pg.23, March 22)
Depend Silhouette (pg.48, Oct’21)

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