Briefing Paper

Posted: June 30th, 2022

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G’day everyone
I kindly need your help with my assignment, I’ll provide you with all the documents you need to make everything clear for you, Also I’ll provide a video explaining all of the requirements for this assignment, You need to watch it before you start bidding or start answering this assignment to ensure that you are fully aware of everything related to this assignment.
Here is the video you need to watch:…
There will be 2 tasks and you can find out more about both tasks in the attachments.
Task 1 – Briefing Paper 1250 words (+/-10%)
Task 2 – Self-Reflective Journal, 1,000 words (+/-10%)
Here are some instructions from my instructor:
The only document you submit for SUMMATIVE ASSIGNMENT as ONE WORD DOC should be as follows …
Coversheet (fully completed and wet signature) inc each Task Wordcount used
Title page
Contents Page
Assignment: Report parts 1 & 2 (within wordcount & MIN x10 references Harvard Style)
Reference List (Harvard Style)
Bibliography(Harvard Style)
List of Appendices aka Appendix List (Harvard Style)
Appendices (those mentioned in the List above)
7/8 NOT required if you do not use/refer to Appendices in your assignment
All the above from 2-8 should follow on from the C/sheet (1) to be in ONE WORD doc.
No need to include/attach the assignment brief (or any parts of it ex. checklist/marking guide) as the Assessor has all requirements for the marking.
Don’t forget AC numbers & headings
Add page numbers on the header or footer
Put in the header/footer with your name, unit assignment (ex. 3CO03 or L3C3)
SAVE/NAME your word doc assignment with your name and Unit assignment code or title.

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