Briefly define the Fear Dance?

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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Assigned Reading: Cover, The DNA of Relationships: Discover How You Are Designed for Satisfying Relationships, by Gary Smalley, pages 1-109, and Study Guide pages 181-196. Read PPT-4a. 
PPT-4b is optional reading that is designed to support course understanding.
For this assignment, refer only to this text and the required PPT reading. 
Responses should not be repeated from previous answers but can be expanded.
Note: The grade letter will depend on clarity, depth, and quality of the answers.
4.1 Marriage Issues:

a. Weather you have been married or not, you have observed or experienced marriage relationships. Discuss what you feel, think, or know that builds marital relationships and what weakens them. 
b. In a failing or weak marriage, why do you think one or both spouses do not turn things around? 
c. What could one or both do differently to get a positive result?
<4.1 is an opinion question which may or may not include text references and needs to be about 1 or more pages.>
4.2 Self-Evaluation Analysis: (Document cited answers as instructed.)
Ponder your Self Evaluation question and subparts 4 (Positive Support?). Scan the supplement PPT-4a, particularly the segments under Food for Thought. When reflecting on the above Self Evaluation question and the above PPT, what mostly relates to you and can help you, directly or indirectly for the past, present, and/or future, and specifically explain how or why.
< For this PPT, the 4.2 answer needs to be 1-2 pages. Self-Evaluation and PPT parts need to be reflected in your answer. Use APA style references only for direct quotes. Please identify other people by relationship, by position, or by a first name. If you have not been or are not married nor plan to do so, consider, and compare a marriage that you have closely observed.>
4.3 Major Text Related Question: (Document cited answers as instructed.)
a. Briefly define the Fear Dance? Give examples of your experiencing the Fear Dance, either past or present. How did and/or does this reaction affect your close relationships? 
b. What are ways can you stop engaging in your Fear Dance and how would that affect you and your close relationships? How can you help others who are in a Fear Dance with you?

4.4 Optional Comments or Questions to the Instructor:
< If you have no comments or questions, delete 4.4.>

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