Briefly describe your data collection method

Posted: September 6th, 2022

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Demonstrate your ability to design a research survey questionnaire to assess individuals with ADHD symptoms. • Write an introduction to help participants understand your research topic and the purpose of this survey research study. You also need to provide your contact information to the participants in case they have questions about this research (10 points). • Briefly describe your data collection method (5points). How are you going to collect data for your research survey (by in-person, mails, emails, or other online tools such as survey monkey)? If you decide to mail out the survey questionnaire, are you going to include a returned envelop with the postage? • How many research participants do you plan to reach out (5 points)? How many completed surveys that you expect to receive for the data analysis. What would be your expected response rate? How many potential participants do you need to recruit? For example: If you want to receive at least 100 completed surveys for the data analysis and your expected response rate is 50%, you will need to send out 200 copies of the survey questionnaire. • Use the DSM 5 ADHD diagnostic criteria provided in this week’s course content to design a survey questionnaire (with at least 22 questions) to assess whether the participant is with symptoms of ADHD (20 points).

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