Briefly explain what post-purchase dissonance is

Posted: September 16th, 2022

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After reading Chapter 3 of the textbook, answer the following questions:
1) Give a specific example of how a buying decision or purchase pattern may differ based on someone’s age. (Do Not Use Example Given in Textbook).
2) Identify two products you recently purchased: one product that involved low-involvement decision making and one product that involved high-involvement decision making. Why do you consider that purchase(s) low versus high involvement?
Briefly explain what post-purchase dissonance is – in 1 or 2 sentences.
2) Think about a product that you recently purchased (within the last year) that you experienced ‘post-purchase dissonance’. Describe that experience by answering the following:
a. what the product is, where was it purchased from, how purchased
b. the reason behind your post-purchase dissonance. Be specific.
c. what action(s) you took, if any (i.e. return it, keep it)
The link to the textbook is
After clicking the link under “Formats available” Select PDF. After that you are going to see a Book saying ” Principles Of Marketing” under that you will select where it says ” Download this book”, you will select that and then select ” Digital Pdf”.
Also Chapter 3 will be from pages 65-94.

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