Build a slide presentation that promotes the same initiative to two different audiences.

Posted: September 22nd, 2022

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For this assignment, you will build a slide presentation that promotes the same initiative to two different audiences. The scenario for this assignment is as follows:
A manufacturing firm has been in business for 25-years. Annual sales revenue is approximately $50 million per year. Market competition has created poor profits for the past 5-years. Additionally, COVID-19 has caused a large price increase for raw materials and healthcare costs are projected to jump 15% next fiscal year. There have been no wage increases at this organization for the past 4-years.
The VP of Operations and Finance is proposing to invest $5 million in equipment. The considerations are as follows:
• Higher production capacity – Approximately 20% increase in 18-months.
• Better precision – Precision will increase from 0.001 millimeters to 0.0001 millimeters and open the company up to more business opportunities.
• Cutting oils are non-toxic, compared to the current machinery that uses strong solvents and petroleum oils.
• Machine guards are layered and redundant. They also reduce machine noise to non-actionable levels.
• Finance is projecting a 6% profit margin increase.
• Operations is projecting that 6 fewer machine operators are needed.
• Production disruptions are expected for a minimum of 6 months related to equipment changeover, troubleshooting, and training.
The VP of Operations and Finance has asked for your assistance in building and presenting the proposal to the executive team and senior workers on the production floor. She admits she is great with numbers, but not so good with people and getting her point across.
Build a 3-part slide presentation. Please use notes to show how presentations would be given in a formal setting.
Part 1 will be the presentation to the executive team. Part 2 will be the presentation to the senior workers on the production floor. In parts 1 and 2, address all of the following:
Highlight background/history that is driving the idea for the investment.
Highlight considerations you would present to generate buy-in from your audience.
• You MUST include short-term and long-term considerations.
• You MUST somehow include AT LEAST 6 of the 7 considerations noted above.
Provide a thoughtful conclusion slide that re-emphasizes benefits.

In part 3, provide an explanation (either detailed slide or detailed notes) of situational considerations the VP of Operations and Finance should keep in mind as the person leading this initiative, as well as considering what may or may not motivate the audience to buy in. In other words, you are explaining why you would change the presentation to fit the audience.
The presentation (PowerPoint or other presentation program) should be 16 slides not including title or reference page.
APA Format
4-6 Scholarly References.

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