Building art connections through proximity.

Posted: June 6th, 2022

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The topic that I’ve selected for my short-term research is “Building art connections through proximity. The HBCU Art/History Experience. 
” As a FAMU/FSU PURPOSE Research Alum Fellow, my goal is to explore the way research at HBCUs enhances both art and history research. It is my belief that new conversations and outcomes will be realized as Florida State University students (PWI) and Florida A&M Students (HBCU) interrogate framing American History properly by including the history of African Americans within historical documentation. 
Being a Florida Native also has its advantages, the multicultural groups of people who have also blended their talent to the shaping of America will also be realized. Most people think of Historically Black Colleges and Universities as only Black student populations. The truth is that HBCUs have provided college education for Indigenous, Hispanic, Asian, and many other underserved communities or populations since their creation. A building such as the Black Archives and Campus Museums houses special collections that support my statements. 

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