Cancer Centers staffing budgets and costs

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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Topic- Cancer Centers staffing budgets and costs
Human Resources Manager Assignment Scenario: You work for a large healthcare system that offers the entire continuum of care services from hospitals to home health, every aspect of care delivery is part of the healthcare system that you work for in this scenario. You will be playing the role of a human resource manager at your selected healthcare setting of choice, based on the healthcare setting list provided above, and you will select a staffing function focus area, based on the list provided above, to present to your leadership team during your next organizational operations meeting. You will be meeting with the different team members to discuss your selected staffing area of focus, which needs to be improved. During this meeting, you will be discussing the importance of your selected staffing function and provide your team with an overview of your ideas to improve this focus area.
Human Resources Report: Write a report that you will provide at the next operations meeting that includes the following information:
1. Share your healthcare setting and your selected staffing function of focus.
2. Share why this specific staffing focus area is important to your selected healthcare setting.
3. Using the planning function lens, discuss how you will improve this staffing focus area for your selected setting by identifying and describing three implementation steps.
You will share with the team why scheduling is important to the urgent care. (You will research scheduling topics associated to an urgent care setting in order to determine the significance of this staffing aspect. Example: impact on patient care, employee fatigue, patient to provider ratios, etc.)
You will select three hypothetical staffing issues to address and provide an overview of how the team should implement the steps to address the issue. (Note: This is a high-level planning overview, not a detailed plan, as a detailed plan should involve numerous areas of management, leadership, clinicians, and other support team members. Example: Staffing Issue: Scheduling Breaks Plan: Work with scheduling manager to cover breaks, rotate times, and create a schedule that includes proposed break times.) Again, this should not be a detailed plan but an overview of the issue and proposed implementation planning steps to address the issue or concern.

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