Choose a specific group of people whom you think society should be better inform

Posted: December 2nd, 2022

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Choose a specific group of people whom you think society should be better informed about and write an essay in which you educate readers about ways in which this group is commonly misunderstood and/or stereotyped. Examples: countering common Islamophobic stereotypes, explaining that people with autism are not all alike, etc.
What are common stereotypes or ways in which this group is mischaracterized?
Why do these stereotypes exist? Where did they originate?
What are some effects of these stereotypes and mischaracterizations?
What do you want to change about how readers think and, perhaps, how they behave? (You don’t need to focus on this question when you’re researching your topic, but it’s an important one to answer later when planning your outline)
Important: If you’re planning what you’re going to write about when you haven’t yet researched your topic thoroughly, you’re doing things backward, which will make the planning process difficult and likely lead to a weaker essay.
Assignment Requirements:
Essay length: At least 1,400 words, plus a properly formatted works cited page to be generated by you. The WC page is not included in your word count and is the final page of your essay;
Support: Use 3-5 credible, approved sources, one of which is scholarly (no more than two scholarly, max). Use at least two types of evidence: i.e., statistics, a real-life (not personal) example, a detailed study, a detailed discussion from an expert in the field, etc.
Write more than three body paragraphs, each one using at least one source. This is not a personal narrative, so don’t use personal experience to support your ideas;
Format: Use MLA conventions from start to finish: 1” margins; 12- pt. Times New Roman font; double-spaced, paginated, and titled. Use in-text citations to quote or paraphrase sources
Due: Sunday, December 4, before 11:55 pm, via Canvas. The assignment will close thereafter. No late or email submissions will be accepted.
I want to write my essay about how Covid 19 made it hard for Asian Americans.
Please let me know if you have any further questions!

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