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Posted: January 18th, 2023

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Developing a culture of EBP
To advance the healthcare field and improve patient outcomes, it is essential to implement evidence-based practice (EBP) methods that are not only successful but also generally acknowledged. The evidence-based practice (EBP) can be disseminated through various channels, such as presentations at the organizational or unit level, podium speeches at various levels, poster presentations, and publication in journals vetted by experts in the field (Melnyk, 2012). When determining which strategies will be most successful, it is necessary to consider the particular objectives, the resources at one’s disposal, and any potential roadblocks that may appear.
One strategy that I might be most inclined to use is publication in peer-reviewed journals. This can be an effective way to share research with a wide audience and receive feedback from experts in the field. However, there are several barriers that I might encounter when using this strategy. One barrier is the time and effort it takes to conduct a thorough and rigorous study. To overcome this barrier, I would allocate enough time for the research and seek feedback from colleagues and mentors to improve the quality of my work. Another barrier is the possibility of rejection due to the high standards of peer-reviewed journals (Purtle et al., 2020). To overcome this barrier, I carefully follow the guidelines for submission and seek feedback on my work before submitting it for review.
Speaking from the podium at various conferences is yet another strategy that I could use. This not only gives professionals the ability to convey their results to a large audience immediately, but it also allows them to network and collaborate with other professionals. If I choose to implement this strategy, I could face various challenges. One barrier is the investment of both time and money necessary to attend conferences. To get around this difficulty, I would investigate potential funding sources and get organized in advance to make sure I had sufficient time to put together an effective presentation. The fierce competition for available presentation times is another obstacle (Legaspi et al., 2022). I would overcome this obstacle by submitting my abstract early on and following the submission rules very carefully.
There are also other methods of disseminating information that I would like to use more. This category includes presentations that are given at the organizational or unit level, as well as those that are given in the form of posters. Although these presentations help convey evidence-based practice (EBP) within a certain unit or organization, they may reach a smaller audience than other strategies (Melnyk, 2012). Because I want my findings to reach as many practitioners as possible and influence as many of them as feasible, I am likely to refrain from employing these strategies as the primary means of distribution.
In conclusion, many strategies can help disseminate EBP, and the most effective strategy will depend on the specific goals and resources available. Some strategies that I would be most inclined to use include publication in peer-reviewed journals and podium presentations at conferences, while I would be least inclined to use unit-level or organizational-level presentations and poster presentations as the primary method of dissemination. To overcome potential barriers, it is essential to allocate enough time and resources for the research and presentation process and seek funding and support from colleagues and mentors.
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