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Posted: January 17th, 2023

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Strategies for Disseminating EBP EBP is defined as the process which involves integrating the best available evidence with expertise and knowledge into practical patient care and clinical decision-making. When using EBP, it is advisable to consider the patient’s preferences and individual needs. Several strategies can be used to disseminate EBP in my organization. Dissemination is defined as the process of spreading information to a bigger audience. Many effective strategies can be used to disseminate information such as organizational-level dissemination which is a process that ensures that information is spread to those close first to ensure that the issue is understood by those within the organization. In my organization, I plan to customize organizational-level presentations as one way to grab the attention of my target audience. The aim is to ensure that they receive the EBP information effectively and can independently rationalize the content and apply it within their practice. Therefore, their engagement will ensure that the dissemination process works effectively in achieving the desired goals and outcomes (Corrigan et al., 2001).
Another dissemination strategy I would use is the use of poster presentations during nurse team meetings. During the presentation, the audience is allowed enough time to read the information projected and read further detailed information from the handouts. There will be enough time for them to seek clarifications and ask questions through active interactive processes. The reason why I would prefer using this dissemination strategy is that the approach would allow me to support my arguments with evidence and it will enable me to instantly know if the audience has understood the contents presented (Rowe & Ilic, 2009).
Barriers to be Encountered and Overcoming These Barriers
Despite the effectiveness of these dissemination strategies, their adoption poses several barriers. For example, one challenge of using an organizational-level strategy is that only people within the organization will receive the information hence a small audience. Secondly, one might face resistance and a lack of interest from the audience (McCormack et al., 2013). This challenge can be overcome by involving some of the staff in preparing and planning for the presentation. Secondly, the use of the poster presentation approach might be met with some challenges. It is impossible to make changes or corrections hence it is less flexible. Since they have to include limited content, choosing the parts of information to include given the fact that each part is important is a challenge. These challenges can be solved by preparing early in advance and select the most important content to be included.
Corrigan, P. W., Steiner, L., McCracken, S. G., Blaser, B., & Barr, M. (2001). Strategies for disseminating evidence-based practices to staff who treat people with serious mental illness. Psychiatric services, 52(12), 1598-1606.
McCormack, L., Sheridan, S., Lewis, M., Boudewyns, V., Melvin, C. L., Kistler, C., … & Lohr, K. N. (2013). Communication and dissemination strategies to facilitate the use of health-related evidence. Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE): Quality-assessed Reviews [Internet].
Rowe, N., & Ilic, D. (2009). What impact do posters have on academic knowledge transfer? A pilot survey on author attitudes and experiences. BMC medical education, 9(1), 1-7.

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