Competency Assessment

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Course Code CM220M3
Competency Title Using Research to Support Academic and Professional Assertions
Outcome(s) CM220M3: Conduct research to support assertions made in academic and professional situations.
Learn: Reading and Research
This module’s Learn: Read activities will show you how to evaluate the credibility of source material, how to distinguish between scholarly and nonscholarly sources, how to paraphrase ideas, and how to cite sources according to APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines. You will also learn about plagiarism and how to avoid it in your writing.
Module 3 Reading
Writing with Integrity: Expectations for Academic Research and Professional Writing
The Writing Center (WC) resource “Writing with Integrity” will provide an overview of expectations for including research in academic and professional writing. The document reviews characteristics of academic writing, strategies for integrating research, basic citation guidelines, and frequently asked questions about plagiarism.
“APA Common Citations”
The Writing Center (WC) resource “APA Common Citations” provides examples of how to cite the most common types of sources (books, journal articles, newspaper articles, interviews, videos) in APA format. Guidelines for citing both in-text and on the references page are included.
“Writing an Annotated Bibliography”
The Writing Center (WC) resource “Writing an Annotated Bibliography” discusses parts of an annotated bibliography and the purpose of writing one. It also gives tips on how to write annotations and provides sample citations with annotations for you to follow.
Competency Assessment
This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome(s):
CM220M3: Conduct research to support assertions made in academic and professional situations.
Assessment objective: An Annotated Bibliography allows you to organize your research on a topic and evaluate whether the sources you have found will be useful. For this Competency Assessment, you will create an Annotated Bibliography that reviews four sources related to an argument for change in your community or workplace. One of the sources in the Annotated Bibliography should address an opposing viewpoint or misconception related to your topic.
It is recommended that you use the thesis statement you created for the second course assessment for CM220, but you may create a new thesis statement if you prefer. Be sure to include the thesis statement that will be supported by your research.
Each annotation will be cited with a complete APA reference page citation for the source and a paragraph about each source that includes a summary of the source’s main idea, an evaluation of its credibility, and a discussion about the source’s usefulness to your argument.
Directly below the APA reference for each source, provide an annotation paragraph that includes the following:
• A one-two sentence summary of the source (no direct quotes from the source) and a parenthetical citation after the summary, e.g., (Smith, 2014)
• Explanation of how the source meets credibility standards, including the author’s credentials and the verifiability of the source’s information; this should include where you found the source (Library, Google search engine, government website, etc.). Use the criteria covered in Evaluating Sources to guide your evaluation.
• Discussion about how you will use the source to support your argument for community change (this would include whether it poses a challenge to your argument that you will need to address). In this section, paraphrase a key point from the source that supports or challenges your thesis and include an in-text citation.
o At least one source should address an opposing viewpoint or misconception about your selected topic.
o One source should contain a visual component, such as a graph or video.
You may select a variety of source types, but keep in mind that all sources should be credible based upon the criteria covered in this module. Types of sources that would be appropriate are as follows:
• Book, ebook, article, or a chapter from book or ebook
• Periodical (e.g., newspaper, magazine, journal article)
• Internet source (e.g., blog, organization website, article from Internet site)
• Video or audio source (e.g., documentary, video blog,TED Talks, podcast)
• A primary source in which the authors of the content are the primary researchers (the ones who conducted research), e.g., a government report, case study, or speech
• An interview with an expert source either published online or conducted by the student
• A visual or graphic source from a credible .org, .gov, or .edu site.

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