Complete a research paper that will include the following points. The paper shou

Posted: December 3rd, 2022

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Complete a research paper that will include the following points. The paper should be a minimum of 5 pages of content (this will not include the title page, abstract, reference page). 8 pages The paper will be written in APA format using 12-inch Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. For each question, please use an appropriate heading to separate your thoughts. For example –
Page one will be your title page.
Page two will begin your answers to the questions.
Criminal Justice System
1. Discuss the criminal justice system. Historically, what is the makeup of the criminal justice system? How do the systems interact? (C.O. 5)
Crime, Investigation, and Outcome
2. Outline the crime, the investigation, and the outcome (C.O. 1).
CJ Systems Involved and Interaction
3. What criminal justice systems were involved in the case. How were they involved and how did they interact? (C.O. 1)
Role of Law Enforcement
4. What role did law enforcement play in the investigation (C.O. 2).
Crimes Committed
5. What crimes were committed? (C.O. 3)
Crime Solved / Due Process Issues / Amendment Issues
6. How was the crime solved? Were there any due process issues? What Amendment issues such as search and seizure, confessions, evidence, etc were evident in the case? (C.O. 3).
The Psychological and/or Sociological Impact on the Community
7. What psychological and/or sociological impact of the crime was had on the community and the victim’s family/friends? What about the suspect’s family/friends? (C.O. 4)
Evidence Retained / Ethical Issues on Evidence
8. Identify how the murder weapon and recordings of the suspect were obtained. Do you feel there were ethical issues in how the detective obtained the gun and recordings made in the car with the suspect? Was there an issue with how the evidence was obtained? (C.O. 3, 6)
How Corrections Played a Role in the Outcome
9. How will the corrections system play a role in the case? (C.O. 1, 2).
Watch the following video—complete additional research on this case.
CRIME DOCUMENTARY: The Murder of Emma Walker, watch on youtube.
1) Paper’s theme or key idea is completely developed 2) the ideas are clear, and well defined 3) the argument is cogent with numerous points fully developed. The paper contains a quantity of high-quality thought-provoking ideas used skillfully and creatively to completely support the topic as required. Paper consistently and accurately adheres to all style and formatting requirements, including references. Length is appropriate. ) Resources used are sufficient in quantity; 2) Resources are appropriate; 3) Student clearly his/her thoughts from those of others at all times.

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