Complete a strategic analysis of Seventh Generation

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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 We’re using our case study this week for both the Discussion Board AND the homework assignment – so everything this week revolves around the Seventh Generation case study. 
  CSR Case Study
What you need for this assignment: (attached)
Case- Seventh Generation
Bus 4060 Q-Swot 2022
Case study guidelines
Deliverables:  Turn in your completed Q-SWOT spreadsheet and 2-3 pages summarizing the analysis and your strategy.  Be sure to follow the Case Study Guidelines.
Instructions:  This week our goal is to become familiar with the Q-SWOT spreadsheet, and we’re using the Seventh Generation Case Study to do that.  We are talking about this case in the discussion board this week, and we are sharing our spreadsheets there.  Here you are turning in a more complete and edited version of your spreadsheet.  In essence, the discussion board is practice, and this assignment is where I’ll grade the quality of your work using the spreadsheet.
Please note that this case does not include any financial information, so we are using all of the tabs in the spreadsheet up to and including the Strategy Summary Tab.  We will not use the Financial Analysis, Pro-Forma Income Statement or Pro-Forma Balance Sheet tabs this week (we will use these starting next week).
Your goal is to complete a strategic analysis of Seventh Generation, brainstorm some possible strategies in the Strategies Tab, and fully develop one of those ideas on the Strategy Summary Tab.
 When you are ready, make a short post about the case, and attach your spreadsheet.  

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