Complete the following assignments from the Barsky textbook.

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Complete the following assignments from the Barsky textbook. Please be sure to complete only
the questions and sections outlined in the directions. Your answers to the questions should be in
sentence/paragraph format. You do not need to type out the question within your homework
assignment, but the submission needs to demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of the
question and scenario. You can use the 1-5 numbering below to identify which component of the
assignment you are answering. If the question has subsections (i.e. a, b, c, etc.), make sure to
identify those individually and answer/discuss those individually.
Resources are required as you are using knowledge from sources (at least the textbook and
possibly others). Give proper credit to your sources and use APA formatting. Direct quotes are
not allowed in assignments. Your responses should go beyond paraphrasing the textbook. You
will be graded on appropriate grammar, APA formatting, and how clearly and correctly you
answered each component of the question. Your answers must reflect a critical analysis of the
scenario/question and content and be supported by logical and accurate evidence.
When you reference any NASW Code of Ethics, be very specific. Many of the codes have
several subsections. For example, 1.07 Privacy and Confidentiality has 23 different
subsections. Each one of them addresses a different aspect of 1.07. When you are
identifying the applicable code, ensure that you identify the specific subsection that applies.
When you use the code, cite the Code. Make sure you thoroughly read each section.
This assignment is worth a total of 30 points. See individual questions for the point
breakdown. Most questions can be answered within 1-2 well developed paragraphs. Read
the question carefully and ensure you answer all components. It is essential when you
answer the questions that you provide justification/evidence to support your claim.
**Be mindful this is an advanced level graduate course. Your intellectual depth and critical analysis
should be evident in your responses** Although points in this assignment are earned through
answering specific questions, your score may be reduced by as much as 2 points for less than
graduate level writing quality (i.e. spelling and grammar errors) or for not using APA formatting.

READ Barsky: Chapters 8-10 to help answer question.
You can find the book here
Here is the link for the code of Ethics you will need
Please be sure to read each question and answer you give correctly to make sure you are providing the correct answer.
I have placed the assignment in the files section.

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