Complete your pricing on the operational systems you have chosen

Posted: July 15th, 2022

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This week, you will consolidate your plan and prepare for next week’s activities by completing the following tasks:
-Complete your pricing on the operational systems you have chosen.
-Review the information about Secure-Tek and the strategy upon which you have decided by using appropriate FR verbiage.
-Finalize the steps you have taken by utilizing the operational approaches of physical and/or information security, raising the acceptance and awareness of Secure-Tek employees, and ending with the final pricing of the security plan.
Just remember, there is no right or wrong way to establish a secure working environment. There are many different strategies to reach the same goal!
Overview of the project:
Secure-Tek is a successful and highly profitable technology-based firm that went public eight years ago. Its annual sales for the most recent year was in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion owing to its acknowledged edge in communications and laser technology. It currently employs about 550 at this headquarters location.
Computer monitor with file folders in a file drawer.The firm has just learned that a senior-level engineer has defected to a French firm with virtually all of Secure-Tek’s research and development (R&D) on a leading edge project. This individual was the project manager who established highly centralized compartmentalization on project data. Backup data has been destroyed and the project management structure co-located all notes under his control. The loss in sunk cost of research is $20 million and sales for the new product were anticipated to be in excess of $1 billion.
The founder and Chief Executive Officer is a Ph.D. engineer and computer scientist and a stickler for system reliability and “maintenance of a creative environment.” The workforce at this location is comprised primarily of highly technical whiz kids that do not like access control, closed-circuit television (CCTV), and similar “restrictions on their creativity.” No security has been designed into this five-story, two-year-old, 150,000 square foot facility because of these policies on workplace environment.
For the first part of this project, you will develop an integrated security system for a fictional company named Secure-Tek. You will put yourself in the shoes of a security consultant who has won the contract to provide Secure-Tek with a security plan.
You are aware that the Board has tasked you with a fast, professional, but cost-effective solution to react to the situation described above.
Your first step is to define the threat or risk Secure-Tek is facing after the employee has betrayed the company. Your strategy should include physical security aspects as well as creating awareness and acceptance within the Secure-Tek workforce.
I have already talked about installing CCTV and Electronic key card readers but need more security such as cybersecurity, employee education among others… need help there. Attached is the floor plan for the Secure-Tek building.

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