Completion of a Student Success Plan (SSP).

Posted: July 18th, 2022

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Week 2 Assignment – Overcoming Challenges
The overarching project in FOS100 is the completion of a Student Success Plan (SSP). Completing this project will prepare you for success, not only during your academic journey, but during your professional journey as well. You will complete sections of your SSP in various weeks throughout this course, turning in your final project in Week 10. This activity will help you to think critically about your SSP before starting it, enabling you to complete a great project that you will be able to use even after completing FOS100.
Download the Overcoming Challenges Template [DOCX], answer the questions, and upload your completed activity in Week 2.This is an activity to determine your personal challenges and goals, so there are no right or wrong answers. Answer as honestly as you can: acknowledging your challenges can help you overcome them.
Assignment Submission
Click the Week 2 Assignment link.
After the link opens, scroll down to the Assignment Submission section.
Click Browse My Computer.
Locate and select the Overcoming Challenges document on your hard drive.
Click Open to attach the document. (When attached it will appear below the Attached Files section.)
When you are finished, click Submit.
Note: You may submit this assignment up to three times to improve your score.
**Please be sure to include an actual plan to assist you with writing. Consider the resources in the Library or Tutoring tabs here in Blackboard or people who could assist. **

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