Compose an in-depth compare/contrast analytical essay.

Posted: June 7th, 2022

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These are the requirements:
* Choose two examples of works of art or architecture
* Compose an in-depth compare/contrast analytical essay.
* Introduce with a proper ID both works of art or architecture.
* Make sure you bring in any historical, religious, etc. contexts that help us understand in what ways these works of art/architecture communicate about the time and place of their origin. 
* Analyze! 
* 4-5 pages long double spaced text.
* 3-4 pages of text only and do not skip lines. No images needed.
* Use a title and a thesis.
* With a thesis, you formulate what you are going do and with what aim
* A brief conclusion is needed as well. 
I mainly care about a strong introduction and conclusion that I can build off of. Please focus on that rather than the content in the body in the two pages allotted. The topics I chose was the Babylonian Era and the Ancient Egyptians, specifically Hammurabi’s Stele and Amun-Ra’s temple. I want to base these on assignments I did previously, so please use details from that. I mainly want to discuss the religious influence and symbolism behind the creation of these works. I have attached them below. Any sources please use from online articles.

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