Conduct a literature review of the general topic of your experiment.

Posted: July 15th, 2022

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APA Format research proposal paper with citations and references.
“you will be generating a new research question and hypothesis in that area of focus.*”
Article: Loftus (1975) Misinformation Effect 2)
Describe your idea for a new question to ask and answer on this topic. Think about a way to extend the findings of the current study. In other words, what should come next? When doing this, keep in mind that you will need to design an experiment, which means manipulating an IV and measuring a DV. If you choose the Weston (2019) paper keep in mind that their study is not an experiment, it is correlational. This means that your extension of this research will need to be experimental, even though the original paper was correlational. 3) What is your IV? What are it’s levels and how will it be manipulated? IV: Levels: Manipulation: 4) What is your DV? How will it be measured/operationalized? DV: Measured/Operationalized: 5) What is your hypothesis? In other words, what effect of the IV manipulation do you anticipate on the DV? 6) Conduct a literature review of the general topic of your experiment. Refer to the lecture materials and voiceover for guidance on how to do this. Remember, you need to provide 6 academic references at this point that are relevant to your research question. List them below in correct APA style for a reference section. Use the APA manual or the link provided in iCollege to help with APA style. “Design An Experiment” Overall Assignment Instructions This assignment will give you experience in generating an experimental question and hypothesis by extrapolating from one of the papers we have read for this class. You will choose one article/topic from the “Article Breakdown” or either of the “Article-Media Critique” Papers. Then, develop a research question that expands upon their findings. You will then design an experiment to answer your new question and write a full APA-Style Introduction, Method, and Expected Results section. Below are some tips/steps you should take to complete this assignment appropriately. Please note, this is a descriiption of the assignment OVERALL. To complete all of these steps will take us the rest of the semester. For Module 5, you only need to complete and upload the “Research Paper Design and Lit Search” document. 1. Article : Loftus (1975) Misinformation Effect 2.
Consider their question and findings to choose your extension research question. What is a “next step” that you could propose taking? What is a new question generated from their findings that you could propose answering? 3. Define and develop your IV(s) and DV(s) needed to answer this question. Think about what is needed for each section of your methods (participants, materials, procedures). How will you manipulate the IV(s), how will you measure the DV(s)? Who will your participants be? What will you have them do? What will you use to measure their responses? 4. Develop a specific hypothesis and rationale. What do you think the outcome of your experiment would be if we actually did it? Why do you think that would be the outcome? 5. Write an Introduction Section in APA style that uses the previous research you found to summarize relevant background information and incorporate the research questions, hypothesis, and rationale you developed above. 6. Write your Method Section in APA Style using headings, subheadings, and citations where appropriate. 7. Write your intended statistics and Expected Results section in APA Style. What should your paper include:
1. APA Style Title Page 2. APA Style Introduction Section. This should be roughly 3 -4 pages. Makes sure to use APA Style headings and subheadings to organize your ideas. 3. An APA Style Method section with the following subsections: Participants, Materials, Procedures. (This should be roughly 1-2 pages). You will not be graded on length, but rather ability to convey appropriate information effectively to the reader. So, if your method section is only ½ a page, that’s not enough space to accurately convey information. If it is 5 pages, you are probably saying too much and confusing your reader. 4. An APA Style Expected Results section with details regarding which statistics you would run for this experiment, and how you expect the results to turn out. Include a figure (bar graph or line graph) to demonstrate these expected results.
5. APA Style Reference Section

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