Consider how you will use ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade.

Posted: November 8th, 2022

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Please read all instructions here because they are important.You will write an outline about how bad is vaping and how it should be banned for all ages. Vaping causes serious health risks,
including depression, lung disease, and stroke. Additional notes: Vaping among kids is
skyrocketing: addicting a new generation to nicotine and introducing them to
smoking. Also, there is no proved long-term studies about the effect of vaping
which makes even more dangerous because we don’t know what might happen in 20
years with vaping. People have a wrong mindset that is vaping is a safe
alternate of smoking while it is not. If there is a state or country where a policy to ban vaping has been implemented, that could work as a model. Consider how you will use ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade. Six credible sources are required.
Attached is a persuasive outline sample that you can follow the same structure for this topic.
You will choose an organizational pattern for your speech. Questions of policy speeches can be organized by Problem-Solution, Problem-Cause-Solution, or Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. These are your only three options.
In developing a policy speech seeking immediate action, the first step is to demonstrate a need for action. Tell us what harms exist or will be created if we fail to take action. (i.e. how many lives are in danger, how much money is being wasted, how many people are suffering needlessly? etc.) The second step is to provide a plan with specific action steps that should be taken. The third step is to demonstrate the practicality of how this plan will solve the problems.
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (MMS) is tailor-made for policy speeches that seek immediate action because it guides the advocate through a step-by-step logical and psychologically sound process of organizing a persuasive message. The steps of motivated sequence are as follows:
Attention (Intro), Need, Satisfaction, Visualization, Action (Conclusion)
A typed, full-content, publish Preparation Outline must be uploaded to the Dropbox by the due date. Your instructor will review the publish and suggest changes, as needed. If the publish does not require changes, your instructor will enter your grade and a Final Preparation Outline is not required. If changes are suggested by your instructor, you are required to make the changes and submit your Final Preparation Outline to the Dropbox by the due date.
A typed Works Cited page in MLA format must be turned in with the outline. You must have at least six sources. SOURCES MUST BE CITED WITHIN THE CONTENT OF THE SPEECH. Sources will be randomly checked for validity. Many websites have unknown credibility. You may not use websites for sources unless you can verify the Authorship, Sponsorship, and Recency (see Chapter 7 for more info). Wikipedia can be used as one source only, as long as the content is not flagged as still in development. Source types include: a) General references – encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, etc., b) newspapers, c) magazines, d) media news sources ; e) professional journals, f) books, g) credible websites, h) government-authored documents, I) interviews of academics and practitioners in the field. You should use a variety of sources instead of six .com websites. Speaking Time: 5-7 Minutes
Supporting Material: At least six sources are required on the works cited page and must be cited verbally during the speech.
Preparation Outline and Works Cited Page: Preparation Outline and Works Cited page must be submitted to D2L Dropbox by the due date.

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