Create a 12-month in-service calendar of topics for their continuing education.

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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You are the office manager for a multi-physician clinic and have to ensure that all of your staff receive the correct continuing education as needed to complete their work to the best of their ability.
In order to ensure they are compliant with the current trends as well as maintain certification, you will create a 12-month in-service calendar of topics for their continuing education. If you are in the coding program please create this for coding staff or if you are in the billing program please create this for the billing staff.
Use the calendar template (In-service Calendar.docx Download In-service Calendar.docx) or create your own calendar to include the following:
You will need a minimum of 1 hour in-service each month for 12 months.
Topics need to be relevant to the industry needs and reflective of knowledge the staff member needs to complete their job duties. Topics should not repeat so you need a minimum of 12 different topics.
Provide a summary for each monthly topic of what will be included in the training.
Support the selection of each topic with the rationale of why this is essential to perform in the coding or billing job function you are creating the in-service calendar.
Each summary must be a minimum of four sentences. A summary is five to eight sentences.
You can modify the calendar template in any way or feel free to make your own.
Do not copy and paste information found on the internet or during your research. Include all references in APA format on a separate Reference Page in your document. Please review the rubric to ensure that your assignment meets criteria.
Watch: Lame’, J. (2020, March 11). How to create an inservice schedule [Video]. Screencast-O-Matic.
A calendar with the date/time/topic for each of the 12 months in a Word document or PDF.
*I am in the Medical Coder Program!! This calendar must address the medical coders.

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