Create a clear thesis and argument throughout your essay that analyzes the story

Posted: July 2nd, 2022

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PROMPT 1: “The Cariboo Café”
Viramontes uses various modes of narrative points of view (POV) in her short story “The Cariboo Café”: 3rd person omniscient with Sonya and Macky’s story, 1st person with the cook, and 1st person with some 3rd person omniscient POV for the voice of Geraldo’s mother. The only character that has the power to tell their own story, from their own POV completely is the white, male, cook.
Why do you think Viramontes gives him the power to tell his own story, but takes the ability away from the two female, undocumented immigrants in this story? What could Viramontes be saying here in regards to power dynamics and hierarchies in our society–both racially and vis-à-vis gender? PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.
FEMINIST theorist concentrate on the way both men and women create, explore, and showcase female characters in literature. Consider the female characters in our three short stories. What do these stories, and these characters show us about the representation of women in literature BY women writers? What types of female characters are being displayed (rounded, flat, stereotypical, etc.), and why do you think female writers chose to create this type of character to be in their stories? What do these characters show us or teach us about what it means to be female? Choose at least 1 character from each story to analyze, but no more than 5 characters total.
Create a clear thesis and argument throughout your essay that analyzes the story using aspects of the theory you choose.
Include literary terms where they relate i.e. narrator, characters, motifs, setting, plot,
Use at least FIVE DIFFERENT examples from the story you are analyzing as support in your essay.
Nuts and Bolts:
At least 1500 words
At least ONE scholarly source to support your argument: please use direct quotes, examples and details from these sources: NO Wikipedia, Shmoop, 123HelpMe, Enotes, PREZI etc. Stick to .edu websites and/or GWC Library: Your secondary source should be about the short story you are analyzing, the theories we are using or about the author of the story you are writing about.
Quotes, details and examples from the story you are analyzing to support your argument (you should reference at least five different quotes, scenes, examples, etc. from the story as support
ALL elements of an essay should be evident: **consider your audience to be skeptical and uniformed readers; therefore, may I suggest a BREIF summary of the story you choose in the intro paragraph** hook/attention getter, thesis/main claim, support for your claim throughout the essay, analysis and reasoning as to why your argument is reasonable and probable, a conclusion that reinstates key points of your essay and discusses theme
MLA format: double spaced, 12pt font, proper heading, works cited page—You will have TWO sources for this essay: the short story and your outside source, properly INTEGRATED quotes.

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