Create a layered architecture for this asset management system.

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Answer the following questions in a few sentences. It would be best to express yourself in vour
own words, based on the knowledge you gained from the Reading Assignment and Video Lecture.
Note the following:
You must also construct good, correct sentences free of grammatical errors.
Where necessary, use appropriate tools and standard symbols to design diagrams.
Only answers should be typed and uploaded to the Sakai course site as instructed
The accepted submission document format is Microsoft Word document (.docx)
Deadline applies
B: All submissions will be subjected to PLAGIARISM CHECKING. Therefore, students are
advised to desist from any such act that will attract severe consequences.
1. Draw diagrams showing a conceptual view and a process view of the architectures of the
(a) A-Zoom or Microsoft Teams conference system that allows multiple participants to
see the video, audio, and computer data at the same time:
(b) The MIS Web platform at the University of Ghana allows students to register for
required semester courses and complete their registration. After completing their
registration, the student can immediately print Proof of Registration.
(c) ATMs disburse cash to staff and students on the University of Ghana campus. After
completing transactions, students and staff can check their account balances and
retrieve transaction statements/receipts.
2. An information system will be developed to keep track of a utility company’s assets, such as
buildings, vehicles, and equipment. As new asset information becomes available, staff
working in the field can update it using mobile devices. This system should integrate several
existing asset databases that the company has. Based on the generic information system
architecture shown in Figure 6.18 of the recommended key text, page 187, create a layered
architecture for this asset management system.
3. Draw an activity diagram that models the data processing involved when a customer
withdraws cash from a bank ATM on the University of Ghana Campus based on your
experience with one. (Think about and develop activities representing all of the services you
have used, including failed authentication.)

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