Create a list of possible AT devices that are needed for the occupation-based problem

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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keep in mind whatever AT you choose I have to be able to fabricate or duplicate it on a lesser level so do not choose any hightech AT or any apps for this presentation
APA format only use scholarly articles that are in English and can be accessed for free online, you can use websites but they must be properly sourced and cited
Occupational therapy (OT) practitioners are creative, flexible, and master problem-solvers. Creating assistive devices and technologies for clients is one of the things that makes OT practitioners unique. There are multiple ready-made assistive technologies available in the marketplace. However, many times these technologies are costly, and they are not covered by the client’s insurance, so there is a financial barrier. Applying our creativity, flexibility, and problem-solving, we can find ways to use or modify everyday items for our patients’ use.
This assignment requires your creativity and research to explore assistive technology options, and fabricate the AT that you identify will best serve your client’s needs and meet their goals. Use the format below to assist you in working through the assignment in a logical fashion. Start with identifying a client (#1). Do not start with the device then try to fit a client to your device!
Steps to Guide Your Thinking Process
Identify a client/consumer with a specific diagnosis (this can be real or you can make up your own case study). Highlight areas of deficit found with the client’s diagnosis, potential goals of the client/consumer, potential areas of occupational performance in which the client wishes to engage.
Make a problem list for client/consumer. Make sure to include the client’s occupational performance deficits or barriers. Identify which occupation-based problem is a priority and will require AT.
Make a list of potential benefits of AT devices for the occupation-based problem.
Next, create a list of possible AT devices that are needed for the occupation-based problem identified as the priority in the list you completed above. This does not need to be detailed at this point, but rather general ideas. An example may be: something to keep her from leaning to side while she eats, or something to stabilize his shoulder while he does his carpentry work, etc.
Now begin your preliminary search for assistive technology devices that you can model your own design after, in whole or part.
Search online AT resources to identify potential AT equipment to benefit the client/consumer. Be sure to make notes: 1.) the cost of the items; 2.) the URL for the website where you found the items so that you may return to them if needed for your own future reference.
Make a list of stores that may carry some of the items for which you are searching. At this point, use the targeted occupation as the focus of your search. For example, for someone with gardening or home maintenance needs, you may want to check out Lowe’s. For a child who needs some play adaptations, you may want to go to a toy store or Walmart. For an avid scrapbooker, you may want to peruse Hobby Lobby, etc..
List stores or online sites where pieces or parts of what you hope to design might be located. Often items located in step 4.a or b. are too expensive or unavailable on short notice for patients. Where would you go to get the parts necessary to create a similar device to what you have found in step 4.a and b? Do not overlook the hardware store and dollar store as sources of inexpensive items that can be used to create the device needed.
Go to the stores you have listed and hunt for your needed pieces, parts, and materials to make the needed AT item. Be sure to make notes: 1.) the items you need to buy; 2.) the cost of the items purchased; 3.) the location within the store if hard to locate/not intuitive, etc.
Fabricate the AT that you have identified will best suit your client, their diagnosis, needs, and context, as well as target the areas of occupational performance outlined in their goals.
Formulate your findings into an APA formatted PowerPoint presentation. Use the rubric in Blackboard to guide your writing. Include a problem list, the places you visited, and a descriiption of the items you found at each store in your presentation. Also, be sure to compare and contrast your fabricated AT to already made AT, as well as the cost of each device.

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