Create a sample training program: Present your periodization

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Discussion A:
Post a link to your Basketball Team’s Home page. From this link your classmates should be able to locate your team’s roster and previous year’s schedules. (Use the same team as you used in the Week 4 & 5 Discussion)
Using the example of Basketball in Appendix A of the PES text book,
In your opinion, what are the 5 primary goals and/or considerations for your basketball team during the Competition Period–In Season (PES Text, pg. 583).
Why did you choose these goals and/or considerations as primary?
Based on last season’s record and schedule when did your team’s Competition Period–In Season begin?
What were, or what would you expect to be, the major influences in your choices of primary goals and/or considerations? Explain.
How long will the team’s Competition Period–In Season last? Be specific.
Discussion B:
Create a sample training program: Present your periodization program using a Mesocycle training plan (PES Chapter 12, pg. 436) for the Competition Period–In Season for your Discussion A Basketball team. Identify and define the specific type of periodization plan and what phases of the OPT model (PES Chapter 12 & CPT Chapter 14) you will be addressing during your specified timeline. Insert Table Icon Tool
Using the Insert Table Icon Tool, create a table that contains the following items:
Type of periodization plan: Block, Linear, Undulating, or another type.
Type of OPT Phase(s) used and length of time on each phase.
All acute variables, and ranges for those variables, based on chosen OPT phase and goals.
Use CPT Chapter 14, tables 14.7 through 14.11, & PES tables 12.15 through 12.27 for assistance with acute variable ranges for your chosen OPT phases, column headings, and fitness components (Flexibility, Core, Balance, etc). Do not place specific exercises within your plan.

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