Create a table within your discussion post

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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Calculate two ratios for your chosen company, according to your last name and the list below. Using Appendix A from Week 1, calculate the ratios for your chosen company for the two most recent years available in the financial statements.
I attached my company Coca Cola company statement.
Days sales outstanding and days inventory outstanding.
in your initial discussion forum post,
Create a table within your discussion post that includes the following information:
the financial data used to calculate each ratio in the 2 years for your chosen company
the last 2 years (clearly labeled)
the calculations and the concluded ratio
Need help making a table? Review the How So I Insert a Table Using the New Rich Content Editor as a Student? (Links to an external site.)
Explain what your two ratios measure.
Attach your Appendix A (that you completed in Week 1) to your discussion post so that other students can review your data and calculations.

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