Create a test plan for testing this application

Posted: July 9th, 2022

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Here are the review tasks you must follow per company policy:
1. Create a test plan for testing this application
a. Feel free to use the example included with this project as a template.
2. Create test cases
3. Create test cycles
As you perform these tasks, be sure to include the following:
● Potential team members and what role they will play in the process. Don’t forget that some members may not be in IT.
● Accounts and access needed
● Specialized tools
● Documentation, and where it will reside
● Recording of results (how)
● Logging of bugs
● Justify why you chose a particular testing approach or methodology
● Identify risks associated with the design of the application, and recommend solutions. For example, if you believe that there is an access or authorization issue, then document the issue, the risk it poses, and recommendation(s) to fix it.
Feel free to use this high level test plan template OR this more detailed test plan template for your reference and use. Additionally, you may find this test plan example useful as you build your own.

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