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Posted: July 13th, 2022

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You are a Human Resources Director at a large commercial firm that has just acquired a small, virtual-based software development company. The commercial firm utilizes an effective performance management system, but the newly acquired software company has no performance management processes or systems in place. Your firm plans to implement its performance management system at its new software company.
As a Human Resources Director, you know that changes in organizations can cause confusion and resistance, so you want to make sure that every employee understands their importance to the company and the purpose of the performance management system. To generate excitement and encourage acceptance of the new performance management system, you have been asked to lead the creation of an infographic that communicates the value of the performance management system with recommendations of best practices for successful implementation.
APA Format
-3 Scholarly Citations
Create an infographic that:
Illustrates the connection between the employee performance, functional level goals, and strategic goals.
Correlates the employee growth, training, development opportunities, and benefits within the performance management system.
Describes best practices within a performance management system.
Provides attribution for credible sources used in the infographic.

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