Create an Organizational Chart for the security department.

Posted: September 9th, 2022

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Overview You have been hired as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for a national retail chain of stores. Your duties include perform and document information risk assessments, develop and write security policies, perform detailed network monitoring, hire security department team members, and brief the CEO and departmental mangers on the current state of our organization’s information security. Guidelines & Expectations The CEO has stated; “The security of our customer information is critical to our corporation’s continuing success in the marketplace.” Your Manager has ask you to complete the following: Define Your Security Philosophy Part 1: You pick the organization you want to represent. Remember it is a national retail chain of stores. There are thousands of options so pick one you will like to learn more about (e.g. Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, Gap, etc.) After reviewing the Drivers of Information Security (Chapter 4), (1) Create your department’s Vision and Mission statements. (2) Define your department goals for the next 2, 5, 10 years. (a good place to start might be to find a similar organization’s full business mission/vision) (3) Create an Organizational Chart for the security department. Define which security professionals and skills you would need to hire to ensure that your department is successful. Part 2: You are tasked with researching Security certifications in preparation of hiring new members for you organization’s security department. (4) Document the top 5 certifications in the field. Part 3: Using the “Common Body of Knowledge” as a guide, (5) develop 5 questions and their answers that the HR manager will ask potential security employees. These questions should help ensure that future employees have the necessary information assurance skills. Deliverables Provide an overview of each assigned task, your research and solutions, and a detailed summary. All student work must be in APA format and properly cited including title page, content, and references. Post your completed assignment online for this unit of the course. Minimum page count is 2 pages (not including title page, appendix, references, etc.)

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