Create more trainings for school teachers

Posted: September 15th, 2022

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You are in your second year in the corps and joined a teacher action team that is seeking to eliminate racial discipline disparities within the district, including the school in which you teach, Cooper Elementary School. The district came out with new data indicating that students of color are getting disciplined at higher rates than their white peers and is investigating steps to mitigate this at a school level. As a part of the teacher action team, you are charged with creating a proposal on the most strategic next steps to take at your school.
You conducted your first meeting last week with your teacher action team to begin brainstorming an initial proposal. These were the initial proposals the action team was considering:
Create more trainings for school teachers
Shadow schools who don’t have large disparities to see what is working
You ultimately decided you needed to gather more evidence to decide if those were the most strategic proposals to bring to your principal or if you needed to brainstorm new proposals. Based on that, you gathered evidence from research studies, teachers, and the district at large. After gathering more evidence, you decided you were ready to create your proposal.
Prepare a proposal to share with your interviewer during the interview. This can be the same or different than the proposals listed in the scenario section above.

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