Create the logical level ERD.

Posted: June 7th, 2022

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a databases exercise and need support to help me learn. Practice Exercise 1ERD: Logical Entity Relationship Diagram Purpose The purpose of this exercise is to put knowledge into practice. Directions Choose one of the scenarios listed in the attached document and Create the logical level ERD. You must create the ERD using Microsoft Visio or other diagram drawing software as indicated by your professor. Make sure to submit a PDF version of your diagram along with the actual diagram file.2.NormalizationChoose one of the below scenarios (can be the same or different scenario then the one you chose for previous exercises), treat the table in the scenario you chose as 1NF (first normal form) and use the normalization technique to produce the 3NF (third normal form) of the data. You may submit a Microsoft Word document as the deliverable for this assignment. Make sure to submit the work by the due date as indicated by your professor.
Requirements: 3 page

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