Create your layout using an infographic template

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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Consider the following hypothetical situation:
Local companies have asked local companies to educate their management team on various motivational strategies. To assist this educational endeavor, develop an infographic describing extrinsic motivation. This will be used to familiarize managers with this important motivational strategy.
To prepare for this assignment, please conduct a library search looking for articles on extrinsic motivation. There are also several online resources that focus on this. Using the information you learned from the module, as well as the research you’ve conducted, create your infographic about extrinsic motivation. For example:
Extrinsic Motivation at Work
Outline your goals for creating your infographic
Collect data for your infographic
Make data visualizations for your infographic
Create your layout using an infographic template
Add style to your infographic design to make it stand out

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