Critical Thinking Assignment: Selecting Sources (125 points) Important! This is

Posted: January 3rd, 2023

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Critical Thinking Assignment: Selecting Sources (125 points)
Important! This is the first of several Critical Thinking assignments that will build the foundation for a research paper due in Module 10.
In research, you should select research articles that are peer-reviewed and, in most instances, are not more than five years old. When searching in the Saudi Digital Library, you can limit the results by publication date and peer-reviewed journals so that you get the most recent, credible research on the topic (see the image below). You can then look for those results that allow you to access the full text.
Find 10 peer-reviewed articles to research one of the following topics of interest to you:
Diabetic foot disease
Ethical decision-making in healthcare
Patient safety culture
Clinical practice guidelines
Big data analytics in healthcare
Antibiotic use in healthcare
Communicable diseases
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Non-communicable diseases
Mental health
This will be the topic that you will write about in the final research paper.
At least five articles should be empirical studies. Look for the theory that the study uses to identify the hypothesis that is formulated. See the following article on theory in healthcare.
Aldahmash, A. M., Ahmed, Z., Qadri, F. R., Thapa, S., & AlMuammar, A. M. (2019). Implementing a connected health intervention for remote patient monitoring in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan: Explaining ‘the what’ and ‘the how’. Globalization and Health, 15(1), 20–20.
Write a two-page overview of your topic and the reasons for selecting each of the references. Be aware that you may find research articles that could be subtopics that may add interest to the main topic. Submit all ten references and the two-page overview with a title page.

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